About Us

Scibay Publications is formed with the intention to make the scientific contributions accessible and available to wider audience and provide global visibility. Your research is valuable and there are many reasons why it is necessary to publish your scientific results and findings. Scibay publications provides a platform for researchers to publish their valuable findings either in the form of research paper or book.

Scibay publications specializes in the publication of academic and reference books in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology, Humanities, Business and Management, higher education, case studies, information bulletins and competitive examination preparation books etc.. Scibay publications also specializes in publication of dissertations, doctoral thesis, masters thesis and research projects as books with ISBN number.

Scibay publications also operates scientific journals covering all frontier areas of science, engineering, technology and social sciences.

You have written a doctoral or masters or bachelors thesis and want to make it visible worldwide? Here is a chance..